Eternal Sunshine

Valentine's Day is coming up. I'm going to be working all night but that's no big deal since my boyfriend will be too. I don't mind if we celebrate the day another time when it's more convenient for us, but the memory of past Valentine's Days have been on my mind. I wish I could erase them.

It's so beautiful

The computer died several days ago and my parents completely surprised me by splurging on this brand new, fancy pants computer with such a LOVELY monitor. It makes everything twice as pretty. I'm a very frugal person but I can't help but want to affectionately pet this computer which I believe is mostly mine since I am shocklying the most computer savvy person in the house (which isn't saying much since my parents don't even understand facebook/myspace). We are still getting acquainted but I am quite smitten <3
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Insomnia :(

Tomorrow it my first day of my final semester in college. Wow. Just wow. I don't know how i'll function not having to be in school on a daily basis anymore. I've come to the point where I view myself as a professional student. It's like that made for television movie, The Librarian where the main character just kept getting degree after degree until the college kicked him out. I could see myself being that person.

What I can't see myself doing is settling in one job forever. I think this is because I have the horrible tendency to take on many projects at once to keep myself interested. Finishing things I start has also been something I struggle with. I have always felt as if I can somehow make everything work even though I know I need to learn to accept that I can't....

Nah, I still want to do everything
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I love Christmas Eve

How is it already 12:24am? I don't want the day to be over. Christmas Eve has become my favorite day of the year and it's over! There is just something about opening Christmas gifts by the lighted tree at night that is so appealing to me. It really glows and it goes along perfectly by a fireplace...even though it is way to hot for a fire here in Florida. We actually had the screen door open to let in a breeze because it was so hot in the house. I wore shorts today too which is just wrong in December, but it was a great evening regardless. Me and my boyfriend went out to eat with my bestfriend, her husband, and my godchild. Then we came to my house and had dinner with my parents, grandmother, uncle, and cousin. My brother called from Seattle which was unexpected! We talked a lot and caught up. We opened gifts after dinner. I got workout pants, pretty pretty necklace, and a wii fit! I made fun of wii fit a lot...but i'm actually really happy to have one! All this will hopefully aid me in my new year resolution to get fit and feel comfortable in my body.

I wish I got the chance to see snow this year, but there is still a very slim chance i'll get to see it in January. I so desperately want a little day (or two) vacation with my mom to celebrate her birthday on the 28th, but with the holidays being so crazy, my mom only slightly agreed to consider it if we did it in January. I'm so excited! My mom hasn't gone anywhere with me in years! The only chance I get to go out of town is with a friend or my boyfriend, and she never goes anywhere. Hopefully it'll happen in 2010.

I am so ready to move on and forget 2009. It really hasn't been a great year for me. In fact, there are plenty of days I wish I could forget, but those are the things that make us stronger and wiser, right? Well, I should be an athlete and scientist after this year if that's true. I've never been more excited for a new year to begin!
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"I loved Yoshi"

It's funny how watching my boyfriend playing Mario on super nintendo can still make me gasp when he suddenly dies. And it's funny how this game makes us so frustrated. First we experience the happy nostolgia but once we start losing Yoshi a few times, the angry sets in! It's a fun game.

We FINALLY got the Christmas tree up! It's so overloaded with ornaments.

DARN IT! How do you save in Super Mario! Neither of us can remember and we keep having to start at the beginning when we die!

I do not want anything for Christmas :( Exceeeept for a trip to see snow. I have never played in snow before and that's sad coming from a 22 year old. If not to see snow, then I'd like to visit the Keys. If I'm going to have to experience a Florida Christmas, it might as well be spent sun bathing in the Keys with iguanas, right?
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Not again

I am finally done with finals!! My winter break has begun, and how am I spending it? I'm getting sick AGAIN for the 2nd time in the last two months!. URGH...this is so ANNOYING.

During the first week of November, I somehow managed to catch the left me quarantined for a full week. Now I seem to have a sinus infection or cold I think. Grrr...I was really hoping to start exercising and having fun before I have to start studying for my GRE :-/ bah

I've had a lot going on in the past month. As soon as I started feeling well, I got a new job at a restaurant as a server. I get paid more and work less than my last job I held for 3 years and that is exactly what I was looking for! It was hard for a while to work two jobs as I was trying to decide how I felt about the new job in case I didn't want it. Plus, I had school and the nearing finals to worry about. I'm so glad it's over til next year! All of that stress was wearing me thin and I think that's why I'm coming down with this cold :-/

I think I'm going to go get crafty
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I should be eating oysters right now

Random thought, but I like to people watch. I zone out and day dream a lot so it's an inevitable past time I have developed, but I do it whether intentional or not, and sometimes I catch someone doing something I know they would rather not have anyone see. You know, like someone picking their nose or checking their butt or someone doing something silly for whatever reason. And most of the time they have no idea they aren't being as secretive as they think.

Because of this, I think I'm making myself more paranoid. Now, whenever I'm trying to be sneaky, I can't help but get all shifty eyed trying to figure out if someone is watching me. Which makes me look even shadier for when someone comes walking around the corner on me and I just look suspicious.

This happened at work once...

Tomorrow is my final Final! I wish I could say I would be free from all test taking but I won't! Next up is the GRE which I still need to schedule and study for D:

Damn you college!
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the best years of my life?

I don't know whoever claimed college was the best years of anyone's life, but so far they definitely aren't the best for me. Maybe it's the college or maybe it's my major but i've just been feeling overwhelmed for the majority of my college experience.

I hate to say it but I really envy the students who somehow manage to party all night and go on random road trips and still get A's on their tests and papers.

Gah, nutrition! Why did I pick nutrition!? I'm working on my internship applications and I didn't realize how late I actually am. I can not wait till the whole process is done with. Even if I don't get accepted into an internship this semester, I do not think I will feel too sad about waiting a semester or two till I can apply again.

Did I mention I despise finals with a burning passion? Let me be more specific. I hate cumulative finals with a burning passion. UGH! Can't wait till Friday evening...but then I have to work all night -__-
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i am considering pouncing on my sleeping boyfriend...

So I can't believe I'm actually posting something. I think it may actually have been a year or two since I've actually written anything and I have no idea why I feel the desire to now.

If it wasn't for the fact that I feel remarkably lazy, I do not think I would be typing this right now. I have literally stayed in my house all day and the only physical labor I did was wrestle with my boyfriend and make dinner with my mom. Yes, I feel somewhat guilty for not getting off my perpetually growing ass to exercise, but I don't believe I feel as guilty as I want to be feeling. I actually enjoyed it a bit and I almost regret not squeezing in some video game time between the doing nothing and the watching mindless television.

I do not watch that much tv. I usually find I can't sit still long enough but today I found myself torn between watching Jurassic Park that my boyfriend was watching on my dinning room tv and 3000 BC which was playing in the kitchen (and yes, we actually have two tvs within 10 feet of each other at my house. It wasn't my idea).

I have so much I need to do but I'm can't help but feel lazy as I'm getting to the end of a tiresome, make that I tiresome year that I am all too happy to see pass. Maybe my new years resolution will be to be productive and I'll just coast on this lazy feeling till then.
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